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Welcome to firstSTREET!

firstSTREET is the leading direct marketer of innovative products for Boomers and Beyond in the United States. Our products are advertised in virtually all of America’s major consumer magazines, and marketed to our house file of over 2.5 million customers (average age---65) via our monthly catalog. Our award winning web sites attract millions of visitors per year... ranking it as one of the top ‘Boomer and Beyond’ destination sites on the internet. 

firstSTREET’s success in marketing to boomers and beyond stems from our in-depth understanding of their wants/needs, and our ability to develop a persuasive selling message that is then delivered via the appropriate, ‘targeted’ marketing mix. Our ads are tested using focus groups, selected print publications, and email. Results are benchmarked versus our extensive data base of past product introductions, allowing us to accurately predict a product’s potential for success.

Featured Brands:
Zinger® Mobility Chair
Perfect Sleep Chair® Lift Chairs
Easy Climber® Stair Lifts and Home Elevators
Designed for Seniors Walk In Tubs and Showers
Balanced Spectrum® Lamps
WOW Computer
Night Proofs™ Incontinence Briefs
Perfect Choice HD Ultra
Quingo Mobility Scooter
Hamilton CapTel Captioned Telephone

We’re firstSTREET---the first place to turn for marketing to Boomers and Beyond.


Unique Gifts

firstSTREET also prides itself in providing seasonal gift ideas that are unique and targeted to our customers. Our Unique Gift Ideas, for example, combine seasonal holiday items with delightful gifts for grandchildren, gifts for seniors and parents alike. Our interactive toys and games are particularly loved by our customers.

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