Our Customers

While we say “Boomers & Beyond” in our company name, our focus is on the seniors and elderly people who use our products, regardless of whether it was purchased by themselves or their adult children. 

This age 65+ audience often is overlooked by marketers.  Where others see a difficult market to reach, we see opportunity.

  • There are ~53 million people age 65+ in the U.S. today.
  • Another ~10,000 people turn 65 years old every day
  • This group controls 70% of all disposable income in the U.S.

Yes, their needs and shopping habits are different than the mass market. They also vary widely within the seniors market. The needs and preferences of a 68 year old are usually very different than an 86 year old.

This requires making the extra effort to understand how the aging process affects their lives, then providing quality products via the ways they prefer to shop . Add in a level of personal service that seniors remember but often cannot find in today’s technology-driven world, and the result is millions of lives materially improved. That’s what we do.