Mission & Values

At firstSTREET, our mission is to help create active, dynamic lives for seniors. 

Much of our success in serving our customers comes from creating proprietary products that keep seniors mobile and connected to others.  We also curate and sell ‘best in class’ products from other companies based on a simple set of criteria we call “The 3 I’s”:

FirstSTREET Values: Innovation, Integrity, Interest
  • Innovation – Unique feature(s) provide a Solution to a customer problem.
  • Integrity – The product efficacy is Real.
  • Interest – The Solution appeals to a large audience.

Delivering value to our customers in turn lets us treat and compensate our employees fairly, earn a fair return for our investors and be a profitable partner for our vendors. 

This simple approach has let us serve many millions of seniors over the last 15 years.  In today’s challenging times, it is more relevant than ever.