Direct to Consumer

Our mission requires our being where our customers prefer to shop…and providing a level of personal service not found in most retail stores or on big ecommerce websites. As a Direct To Consumer (DTC) marketer, this means that our phone sales and customer service departments are a critical piece of our customer’s experience with firstSTREET.

We use all of the following channels to reach consumers, with most interactions leading to a personal, 1:1 discussion with a trained product expert to solve the customer’s needs.

  • Broadcast Media – DRTV and radio generate customer interest and phone calls & website traffic.

  • Catalog – The firstSTREET catalog is one of the leading catalog companies serving the aging-related needs of seniors and the elderly. It’s also a great test market vehicle for innovative new products.
  • Internet – Whether they’re online to research a product or actually make the purchase, our flagship website and brand specific sites for key products deepen customer learning and confidence in buying from us.

    Perfect Sleep Chair Website WOW Computer Website

  • Print Media – We use magazines, newspapers, package inserts, statement stuffers, FSIs, prescription bag ads, door hangers, etc. If it’s printed in bulk and distributed to seniors, we’ve found what works.
  • Retail – The big box stores don’t offer the personal service we believe our customers want and need. We work with specialty retailers focused on seniors/elderly needs.  Our retail partners offer the same quality, 1:1 personal service as our phone representatives.

This approach to serving customers is nothing new. In fact, the history of direct marketing goes back at least to shortly after the invention of the printing press.

Operating effectively across all these channels, serving millions of customers, and coordinating the efforts of 200+ professionals also requires a strong technology and data management platform. We use a blend of in-house and trusted third-party partners to bring together a compelling value proposition and customer experience for every consumer we reach.