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Print Media Marketing

The secret to selling... reach ‘em while they’re reading.  Twenty years ago, the advertising landscape was extremely different from the one we see today. The Internet was in its infancy, companies didn’t advertise on the sides of buses and if you wanted to market to someone, you simply called them at home, usually during dinner. These days, consumers are bombarded with an unprecedented number of advertising messages each and every minute. From Internet pop-ups to marketing messages on menus in restaurants, the advertising clutter is amazing. Reaching people, particularly Boomers and Beyond, and helping them make a buying decision, is harder than ever. Since 1987, we’ve led the way in bringing innovative products to the public through our ads in magazines and newspapers. We can test creative versions, pricing and promotional offers, and our experience in marketing to Boomers and Beyond is unmatched.

From AARP to Z...   Whether a publication is free, sold by subscription or on a newsstand, it generally needs advertising to survive. Almost twenty years ago, we realized the explosive potential of the printed page. Since then, we’ve forged lasting relationships with the world’s leading publishers. We place our ads in hundreds of publications every month, ranging in circulation from 35 hundred to 35 million. Our track record with these magazines and newspapers enables us to command ultra-competitive rates. We offer value to the publishers not simply as a source of revenue, but as a source of informative and entertaining content for their readers. Our vast history of data in these publications enables us to make informed decisions for our manufacturing partners to enhance their brand and sell their products.


Print Media Advertisement Examples

Perfect Sleep Chair Zinger Chair WOW! Computer Perfect Choice HD Ultra

(Click on each for a larger view)


Some of the top publications we advertise in:

Parade The Wall Street Journal Spry
AARP Discover
Military Officer Yankee National Review
Guide Posts People Popular Mechanic
Readers Digest Saturday Evening Post Smithsonian
AMAC The Nation Readers Digest Large Print
American Profile Relish

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